TOM BIRD ...kinda like TOM FORD. His work may not smell as good. Looks good though. And he smells nice. More info here ︎︎︎
TOM BIRD ...kinda like TOM FORD. His work may not smell as good. Looks good though. And he smells nice. More info here ︎︎︎
WeTransfer x Jungle
Think it. Make it. Move it.
Commercial work

A collaboration with Jungle, demonstrating how WeTransfer brings momentum to ideas, such as the band’s new visual album ‘Volcano’.

WeTransfer doesn’t just share files. It moves ideas. Big ideas. Bombastic ideas. Game-changing ideas. It lights the fuse and blasts your brain into the stratosphere, triggering a chain reaction of creativity.

They needed a platform that could speak to everyone, from creatives to teachers to dentists, and inspire them to get their files moving. We coined the line Think it. Make it. Move it. – a simple, modular statement that can be playfully re-written to suit any number of professions. (13)

Next, we asked the world’s creative community (via WeTransfer’s editorial arm, WePresent) “What big ideas are you trying to bring to life?”

The British music collective Jungle had an ambitious idea for their new studio album... to turn the album into a motion-picture comprised of 14 interlinked music videos. So we partnered with them on this mission, part-funding the project, documenting their creative process and turning the material into posters, films, and various pieces of album-teaser content. We hyped the album release to scores of hungry fans on, a online-hub on which we teased a series of ‘Drops’ (downloaded via WeTransfer of course) such as a behind-the-scenes .pdf zine, 3D-printable merch, and .wav stems for a remix competition. (7)

The centre-piece of our campaign was essentially a experimental product demo (2): we created an interactive music video for the albums lead release Back on 74, in which a selection of unique artworks by Jungle’s J. Lloyd could be downloaded directly from the video. Over 100 lucky fans also found free tickets to Jungle’s 2023 world tour gifted in their file download.

Hands down the coolest project I’ve ever had the chance to be involved in. Go check out ‘Volcano’ the full motion-picture here.

Caiola Records / Jungle
Artist ︎︎︎  Jungle
Label ︎︎︎  Caiola Records
Production Co ︎︎︎  Contentus Maximus
Director ︎︎︎  Charlie Di Placido, J. Lloyd
Executive Producer ︎︎︎  Matt Craig, Tom McFarland
Lead Choreo ︎︎︎  Shay Latukolan
DOP ︎︎︎  Natasha Duursma
Steadycam Op ︎︎︎  Gary Kent
Set Design ︎︎︎  Sam Storey

**full credits for cast + crew available in the YouTube description for each video**

WeTransfer Studio
Head of Studio ︎︎︎ Lily Darby, Nessim Higson
Creative Director ︎︎︎  Matt Skibiak
Brand Director ︎︎︎  Tara Goutermout
Creatives  ︎︎︎  Tom Bird, Ian Fairbrother
Project Manager ︎︎︎  Hunnah Mullen, Aya Hayashida
Design Direction ︎︎︎ Hugo Timm, D. Alcausin
Designers ︎︎︎ Fin O’Neill, Josh Caley-Brown
Motion Design ︎︎︎ Everton Guilherme, Flávio Lourenço
Software Engineer ︎︎︎ Bram Kekels

Unit Production [WeTransfer]
Production Co ︎︎︎  WHALE
Technical Production Partner ︎︎︎  Nexus Studios
Producers ︎︎︎  Ezra Xenos, Sanne van Hattum, Anna Lee
Director / DOP (commericals) ︎︎︎  Rik Burnell
Editor ︎︎︎  Rigel Kilston
Photographer ︎︎︎  Sophie Green

Wednesday May 11 2022
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