TOM BIRD. Kinda like TOM FORD. His work may not smell as good. Looks good though. And he smells nice. More info here ︎︎︎
TOM BIRD. Kinda like TOM FORD. His work may not smell as good. Looks good though. And he smells nice. More info here ︎︎︎

SAHTEN صحتين
Personal work

A cookbook that uses food, recipes and stories to paint a portrait of the current skateboard scene in Palestine, and share the story of SkatePal.

SkatePal is an NGO that promotes and facilitates skateboarding in Palestine – a place where due to years of military occupation recreational opportunities are severely limited.

In the seven-years since it began as a humble summer school, SkatePal had helped to build a growing scene in Palestine and a compelling reputation among the international skateboarding community. Problem is, NGOs need funding, and skaters are strapped for cash, so we needed to broaden our audience beyond skateboarding.

If there’s one thing that unites everyone, it’s food. And in Palestinian culture, not only is the food delicious, but it has become an inseparable part of building trust between SkatePal and the local communities.

Hence, this book is a collection of recipes and stories from local skaters, their families, shop owners, local heroes, past volunteers, and even Palestine’s own international masterchef, Sami Tamimi (business partner of Yotam Ottolengi) – plus loads of other fun features.

All proceeds from the book help support SkatePal’s programmes in Palestine. View some featured stills here, then go pick up a copy here.

Or depeding where you are in the world, you can also find the book in a growing number of stockists:

~ Antenne [UK]
~ Artists Proof [Berlin] 
~ Artwords Bookshop Ltd. [London]
~ The Book Depository
~ BY.E [Oklahoma, US]
~ Bodega Ritas [London]
~ Category Is Books [Glasgow]
~ Hen's Teeth [Dublin]
~ Homestead [Hull]
~ Librairie Sans Titre [Paris]
~ Mast Books [New York, US]
~ Materia Prima [Porto]
~ McNally Jackson [New York, US]
~ Milk Run [London]
~ Nöl Collective [Ramallah]
~ Palomino [UK]
~ Shreeji Newsagents [London]
~ Skylight Books [Los Angeles]
~ Spazio Punch [Venice]
~ Stack [UK]
~ Tender Books [London]
~ Village Bookstore [Leeds]

(3)  SAHTEN launch film shot and edited in Palestine by Aram Sabbah.

SkatePal HQ  ︎︎︎  Charlie Davis, Theo Krish, Dorothy Izkrzynska, Aram Sabbah
Concept & Editor  ︎︎︎  Tom Bird
Design & Art Direction  ︎︎︎  Tom Bird
Sub-Editors  ︎︎︎  Dorothy Izkrzynska, Theo Krish
Cultural Guidance & Translation  ︎︎︎  Aram Sabbah
Contributors  ︎︎︎  (far too many to mention, please refer to book)
Distribution  ︎︎︎  Antenne Books (Global), Alex Adetiba @ SkatePal (UK) 

Wednesday May 11 2022
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