TOM BIRD. Kinda like TOM FORD. His work may not smell as good. Looks good though. And he smells nice. More info here ︎︎︎
TOM BIRD. Kinda like TOM FORD. His work may not smell as good. Looks good though. And he smells nice. More info here ︎︎︎
Amsterdam Spirit
Commercial work

A pigeon... a heron... a water fountain... and a fun little story to launch the sport foundation’s new Amsterdam kit.

KLABU's mission is to support refugees through sport. A unique combination between NGO and brand, the sport foundation operates sports clubhouses in refugee camps around the world through a partnership with UNHCR, whilst the brand creates and sells sportswear to financially support the work.

With international travel limited during the covid-19 pandemic, KLABU began looking at what they could do closer to home – and so the Amsterdam weekly workout was born: as a way to connect newcomers (refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented) with the host community (local Dutchies).

The badge on each KLABU shirt is co-created with those involved in the project. The Amsterdam badge features two different birds – representing both refugee and host community – and a water fountain, which according to workout regular, Mamadou, “is the place where new friendships begin”.

We brought the film to life with many of the KLABU regulars, on a classic rainy day in Amsterdam. Following a launch event at Het Ketelhuis, the film screened in cinemas across Amsterdam during SS23.

Grab the shirt and show your support here.

(1, 5)  Film shoot BTS [photos: Tom Bird]
(6, 7)  Het Ketelhuis launch event [photos: Manouk Quint]
(8, 9)  Posters for KLABU’s JCDecaux NL Prize [design: Tom Bird]
(11)  KLABU x GoalClick at Kalobeyei, Kenya [read more here]

Agency ︎︎︎  HERC
Production Co ︎︎︎  DPPLR
KLABU Leadership ︎︎︎  Jan Van Hövell, Kelvin Govey, Alex Webb
Creative Director  ︎︎︎  Emilio de Haan (HERC) + Tom Bird (KLABU)
Director ︎︎︎  Mikki Sindhunata
Writer  ︎︎︎  Tom Bird
Art Director  ︎︎︎  Astrid Niari, Emilio de Haan
Producers  ︎︎︎  Cherise Basiran, Jimi Visser
Cast  ︎︎︎  KLABU Amsterdam community
                  Lisa Elsenburg
                  Mohammed Bah
DOP  ︎︎︎  Simon Meesters
Editor  ︎︎︎  Samantha @ Studio Radijs
VFX  ︎︎︎ Ton Habraken, The Compound
Grade ︎︎︎ Qianwei Tong
Motion Graphics  ︎︎︎  Nick Fatouris, Astrid Niari
Music  ︎︎︎  Nils den Otter (Audentity) & Majdy (KLABU)
Stylist  ︎︎︎  Perrine Philomeen
Graphic Design  ︎︎︎  Tom Bird
Photography  ︎︎︎  Tom Bird, Manouk Quint

Wednesday May 11 2022
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