As well as a living breathing human, Tom Bird [1990] is a writer & art director. He works across various film & photo projects for brands, agencies and friends. If you like some of the stuff below, why not say

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Roll With The Punches


A magazine about the power of skateboarding in one of the world’s most oppressed communities.

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A Better World Starts At Home


How a bit of blue & yellow can help us all be a bit more green.

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Promise ‘I’m Not Ready For Love’ 

Numero Records

An unofficial music video for a song that holds a special place in my heart.

Inner Tequila Studios

A experimental platform exploring the future of club culture – from subaquatic parties, to habitable synthesizers.

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Treat Her Like A Queen

The Body Shop

What Mother’s Day looks like inside Buckingham Palace. Sort of.

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Release Your
Inner Tequila


A new positioning for the brand that thinks tequila and beer is a good idea.

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The West Bank Shred Wagon

A falafel-serving, pedestrian-swerving fundraiser.

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Pickpockets in Paris

A public service announcment during the Euro 2016 football tournament.

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I Was There When House Took Over The World
Channel 4

A documentary about the birth of house music.

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Shattering Bass

A sound-system made from glass bottles.

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Annual Summit

Singularity University

Some clever ads for smart people.

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Saving wild cats with internet-famous cats.

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Paddy Power

A silly idea that spiralled out of control...

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Morph Costume Co.

Isn’t it about time you put on some spandex?

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Bigger Than A Wall

A wall of unity, built over a wall of separation.

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I click other buttons too.

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Beige Britain

A photographic study into why old people wear beige.

(In progress)

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