Tom Bird [b.1990] is a human living in the city of Amsterdam. He can write, art direct, design and if necessary, build. He’s particularly nifty at the first one, but loves them all equally. Some people give him shiny coins to do these things. Sometimes he does them regardless. Below is some stuff he’s proud of. Go on, throw a dog a bone ︎

Roll With The Punches


A magazine about the power of skateboarding in one of the world’s most oppressed communities.

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I’m Not Ready For Love

by Promise

A music video that combines my fondness
for cycling, soul and €10 pretzel suits.

Directed by me and Richard Hu.

Release Your
Inner Tequila


A global campaign for the brand that thinks tequila and beer is a good idea.

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Treat Her Like A Queen

The Body Shop

What Mother’s Day looks like inside Buckingham Palace. Sort of.

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The West Bank Shred Wagon

A falafel-serving, pedestrian-swerving fundraiser.

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Inner Tequila Studios

A series of musical experiments: from underwater clubs to habitable synthesizers.

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Pickpockets in Paris

A public service announcment during the Euro 2016 football tournament.

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I Was There When House Took Over The World
Channel 4

A documentary about the birth of house music.

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Various Posters

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Assorted posters for a UK theatre collective.

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Shattering Bass

A sound-system we made from glass bottles.

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Annual Summit

Singularity University

Some clever ads for smart people.

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Saving wild cats with internet-famous cats.

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XXXLucky Pants
Paddy Power

The world’s biggest pair of briefs.

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Morph Costume Co.

Isn’t it about time you put on some spandex?

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Bigger Than A Wall

Building a wall of unity over a wall of separation.

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I can click other buttons too.

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