Tom Bird is a human living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Sometimes he's labeled an ‘art director’, sometimes a ‘writer’, both times people give him money to make things for them. He often makes stuff for himself too. You can find both below, and less vague credentials on his LinkedIn...

Singularity University
‘Amsterdam Summit’

Singularity University is an institution founded by some dauntingly intelligent people - like Google’s Ray Kurzweil - who share the goal of solving humanity's greatest challenges.

Amsterdam played host to their annual summit, which would discuss the future in fields such as Health, Mobility, Space, Energy, and Robotics.

They asked us to create some press ads to run in Het Financieele Dagblad (the Dutch version of the FT) that would generate interest and get even the smartest minds ticking...

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Creatives: Tom Bird, Tom Biddulph, Jack Samels
Creative Directors: Hobson + Chant
Design: Tom Bird, Tom Biddulph, Jack Samels

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