Paddy Power

In 2015, a marketing misdemeanour caused Paddy Power to be banned from Cheltenham Horseraces. So the following year, they challenged us to sneak them back in.

We suggested using their notorious ‘lucky pants’ to bring spectators some good fortune, by making them extra big – like REALLY big – and therefore extra lucky (ok, it’s not a highbrow idea. But it’s not exactly a highbrow brand).

It all started with this scamp...

The plan was to erect them on a hill nearby the racecourse, for all to see. But plans never go to plan, do they...


Agency: WE ARE Pi Creatives: Tom Bird, Tom Biddulph Creative Directors: Hobson + Chant Producer: Vicky Cullen Production Company: MADE Studio

Based in Amsterdam – Available worldwide ︎