Morph Costumes

We pitched and won the opportunity to make the first ever brand campaign for lycra costumes. Yes.

After experiencing London as a skin-tight Spiderman, it soon became clear that whatever personality traits you already have, putting on a Morph costume will dial them up to a whole new level. You become more fearless, more flirty, morphamous.

The ad launched online and on MTV. Cue my skateboarding cameo...

Agency: Mr President
Creatives: Tom Bird, Simon Jefferis, David Clulow
Creative Directors: Jon Gledstone, Laura Jordan-Bambach
Director: Reuben Dangoor
Production Company: Rogue

The campaign naturally lent itself to some tactial posters, like this one, which ran during ‘freshers week’ across all UK cities with a large student population.

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