Tom Bird is a human living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Sometimes he's labeled an ‘art director’, sometimes a ‘writer’, both times people give him money to make things for them. He often makes stuff for himself too. You can find both below, and less vague credentials on his LinkedIn...

Morph Costumes

Pitched and won the opportunity to make the first ever brand campaign for lycra costumes. Yes.

After experiencing London as a skin-tight Spiderman, it soon became clear that whatever personality traits you already have, putting on a Morph costume will dial them up to a whole new level. You become more fearless, more flirty, morphamous.

The ad launched online and on MTV. Cue my skateboarding cameo...

Agency: Mr President
Creatives: Tom Bird, Simon Jefferis, David Clulow
Creative Directors: Jon Gledstone, Laura Jordan-Bambach
Director: Reuben Dangoor
Production Company: Rogue

The campaign naturally lent itself to some tactial posters, like this one, which ran during ‘freshers week’ across all UK cities with a large student population.

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