I Was There When House
Took Over The World


'I Was There When...' is a documentary series that delves into critical moments of music culture that changed the course of history. 

The launch episode explores how a racially-motivated event which occured in Chicago in 1979 forced disco underground, where it would stew and mutate and eventually re-emerge under a new banner: house music.

My role in the project was a researcher, and loved it. Click here to watch the full episodes on All4.

We hosted a launch screening at FC Hyena in Amsterdam, where house legend Jesse Saunders came all the way from Chiacgo for the party, and boy did he have fun...


Agency: Pi Studios Producer: Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock Researcher: Tom Bird  Art Direction: Nessim Higson, Jack Samels Director: Jake Sumner Production Company: All Day Every Day

Based in Amsterdam – Available worldwide ︎