‘I Was There When...’

An original commission for UK broadcaster Channel4, who asked us to develop a music documentary series for their new platform: All4.

'I Was There When' is a format that delves into hinge points of musical culture. Our launch episode - I Was There When House Took Over The World - explores how an event that occured in Chicago in 1979 forced black music underground, where it would stew in dark rooms, slowly morphing into what became known as 'house music'.

I worked as a researcher on the project, a different role than usual, but one that I’d love to develop further.

Agency: Pi Studios
Producer: Ravi Amaratunga-Hitchcock
Researcher: Tom Bird
Design: Nessim Higson, Jack Samels
Director: Jake Sumner
Production Company: All Day Every Day [US]



We hosted a launch screening at FC Hyena in Amsterdam, where house legend Jesse Saunders came all the way from Chiacgo for the party, and boy did he have fun...

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