Tom Bird is a human living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Sometimes he's labeled an ‘art director’, sometimes a ‘writer’, both times people give him money to make things for them. He often makes stuff for himself too. You can find both below, and less vague credentials on his LinkedIn...


The only thing to like cats more than people, is the internet. So we approached Greenpeace with an idea to harness the irrational popularity of cats, and use it for a meaningful cause, such as endangered tigers.

In time for World Tiger Day, we managed to rally together the most famous cats on the internet to spread awareness about the most endangered cats in the wild.

Agency: Mr President
Creatives: Tom Bird, Thea Hamren
Creative Directors: Thea Hamren, Laura Jordan-Bambach
Animator: Thea Hamren
Sound Supervision: Strings + Tins

The film, narrated by Lil Bub (the Johnny Depp of the cat kingdom) and pieced together out of random footage sent to us by ‘influencer cat’ owners, encouraged people to enlist the support of their own kitty using our meme generator (below).

**In a wierd twist, the seminal film director Tony Kaye was asked to review the work and loved it so much he wrote a song about it.

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