Tom Bird is a human living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Sometimes he's labeled an ‘art director’, sometimes a ‘writer’, both times people give him money to make things for them. He often makes stuff for himself too. You can find both below, and less vague credentials on his LinkedIn...

‘Release Your Inner Tequila’

Desperados was being tarred with the same brush as Corona: a sunset drink. But there's nothing relaxed about it... it's a beer laced with tequila. You know, the salt-licking lime-sucking liquor that makes sh*t get out of hand.

So we set the brand on a more leftfield path. We penned the line ‘release your inner tequila’, and then encouraged our audience to do just that. Here's some of the global print campaign...

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Creatives: Tom Bird, Tom Biddulph
Creative Directors: Nessim Higson
Producer: Julia Llamas
Photographer: Jason Nocito
Production Company: DS Reps (US)

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