Tom Bird is a human living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Sometimes he's labeled an ‘art director’, sometimes a ‘writer’, both times people give him money to make things for them. He often makes stuff for himself too. You can find both below, and less vague credentials on his LinkedIn...

‘House Party Plugged’

For our first project out of Inner Tequila Studios - a Desperados initiative dedicated to wild experimentation in music - we wired up a house into one big synthesiser, then invited a bunch of London's music nerds down to lark about and attempt to play a cover of Riton's dancefloor weapon, 'Rinse & Repeat'.

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Creatives: Tom Bird, Tom Biddulph
Creative Directors: Hobson + Chant
Producer: Stephanie Whitehead
Director: Chris Cairns
Production Company: Partizan

Yes, we did it for real. The stairs, the taps, even the oven were all wired up to trigger a musical stem from Riton’s original track. Flick through some of the chaos below, or check the site of Nervous Squirrel (who built the instruments) to see some behind-the-scenes...

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