‘House Party Plugged’

For our first project out of Inner Tequila Studios - a Desperados initiative dedicated to wild experimentation in music - we wired up a house into one big synthesiser, then invited a bunch of London's music nerds down to lark about and attempt to play a cover of Riton's dancefloor weapon, 'Rinse & Repeat'.

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Creatives: Tom Bird, Tom Biddulph
Creative Directors: Hobson + Chant
Producer: Stephanie Whitehead
Director: Chris Cairns
Production Company: Partizan
Sound Supervision: Strings & Tins

Yes, we did it for real. The stairs, the taps, even the stove was wired up to trigger a musical stem from Riton’s original track. See some of the chaos below, or check the site of Nervous Squirrel (who built the instruments) to see some behind-the-scenes...

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