Forwards is Boring

Once worn by Ibiza’s hottest hedonists, Desigual is now a high-street fashion brand worn by geography teachers and soccer mums.

They needed to turn things around, and they started with their logo...

Then, realising this was a big decision, asked our help in telling people why. We kicked off with some posters for a generation of backwards-facing selfie-takers (a.k.a. our target audience), which were flyposted around Europe ran across all EU stores.

OMG! Fashion posters with no clothes 😱️

Then followed a film which I wasn’t too stoked on. (classic case of the manifesto becoming the idea – WHY DO WE NEVER LEARN?!)

Still, I’m proud of writing the concept + campaign line and think it’s a great platform to build from.

When attending the SS20 collection runway, it transpired that my manifesto was liked so much, it was printed both in the entrace of Desigual HQ, and across all 1,000 runway booklets. Yikes!


Agency: WE ARE Pi  Creative: Tom Bird Creative Director: Barney Hobson Designer: Seth Josephs Account Handler: Agathe Derrstroff Production Company: Sauvage Director: Lisa Boostani

Based in Amsterdam – Available worldwide ︎